Cloobiz launches its first service of e-invoicing

14 June 2012

Thanks to its innovative solution for electronic invoicing, cloobiz decided to open an electronic invoicing service with a business plus to it in order to make easier sending the service invoices between retailers and manufacturers.

The electronic invoicing in the cloobiz manner enables electronic invoice sending at a low price. The issuer sends the invoice elements in a XML format and cloobiz makes sure to return him the signed and self-sufficient PDF files. Stored ten years on the cloobiz service platform (and locally by the issuer if desired), the documents are automatically sent to the recipient in electronic form once he accepts their reception. Notified by email of the new arrived invoices, the recipient then retrieves the items directly from the platform.

This service, extremely simple for both sides, is enhanced with a business oriented vision for invoices. For example, the recipient has at his disposal his invoices per trading partner.

The retrieval of invoices by the recipient is of course a totally free service, and so the files are made available free of charge for a period of three months.

Additional services will soon be available such as: preservation for ten years in the name of the recipient, management charts, restitution capacity per department, etc ...